Mini - Update

Hello everyone!

I hope the holiday and festive cheer is spreading happiness in your life! Updates here are on a low now, because I'm really busy and swamped with weddings and shoots. I assure you that a massive massive stream of posts will come your way in the new year!

Also, my pricing is going to be revised come January!

Happy holidays, and have a great new year!


What post will be complete without a picture? I leave you here with my very own bundle of joy and to all, happy holidays!


Looking Down At Creation;

Kim and her daughters was staying is the most amazing apartment that I have ever been to. Every single time, I drive by the ECP, I will take a look outside the window and up to the penthouse, and tell myself that one day, I want to be up there. I got my wish! I didn't stay up there, but I shot the family who stayed there!

The view was spectacular.

When I told my honey, he was looked at me and said, "You got a shot of the view right? Right?" I just gave him a sheepish grin and said, "Uh, no?" I was since clobbered with small bouts of, "But you were already up there! With a camera!" in between.

Nelle is a sweet kid, and she reminded me a lot of when I was her age! I really hoped the photos do her justice, because she is really quite good, and she does not need too much direction.

Probably my favourite of the day.

Eventually We'll Be Together, One Sweet Day;

A very good friend of mine had a sweet dear friend pass on a few weeks ago, and I managed to capture a couple of shots of them together just a mere one week before. Rest in peace, dear Heidi, and may you eat as much doggy treats as you want in doggy heaven. <3

This here is Ellie, Heidi's sister. She decided to be crazy and run in circles.

goodbye; she says.

My only regret is not getting a shot with her that day.
Copyright @ Singapore Wedding Photographer; Elizabeth Goh