Wedding Promotion Ending!

Just a short announcement! My actual day wedding services have been pretty well received, and we are cutting short the promotion time till the end of the October. It will be quite a significant jump, so get it at $899/- while you still can, and I am looking forward to covering many of your weddings! :D

It's True Love We're Making ;

The first shoot of mine after the seventh month was an ROM for Scott and Cara. They are such an awesome couple, and I'm really thankful for them for letting me be part of their day. Their ceremony was held at CSC at Bukit Batok, and we managed to catch a few shots of just the two of them before the guests arrived. They were a bit nervous at the beginning, but after a while they became pros at posing! Okay, enough talk. Pictures!

Hope you guys are enjoying married life now, cheers!

All I Want is You to be my Sweet Honey Bee

I was really very glad that Lionel and Parlin have full confidence in me shooting their wedding banquet, and honestly, it was such fun! It wasn't really the things that happened that made it fun, it was the people. They had an amazing group of friends, all wonderful and absolutely charming. Not to mention hilarious as well. I spent most of the time laughing along with their friends. I love weddings like this, where it feels as though I'm "part of the gang", even for a few hours of a day.

Parlin looking beautiful!

They took their pre-wedding photos in Indonesia, where Parlin is from.

Yam Seng-ing is really really loud!

Let the drinking commence!

Lionel getting bullied into drinking a whole lot!


They actually had gotten married in Indonesia, where Parlin is from. And judging from the wedding montage that they played during the dinner, it looked fabulous and grand, with singing and dancing and other things. Well, I wish both Parlin and Lionel a long long marriage with many good happenings in their life. :)

So Goodbye to Yesterday, I'm Giving What it Takes;

A lovely lady by the name of Vinu had called me sometime in the beginning of August, and had asked me to shoot her two children, hoping that she could send out some of their photos to talent agencies and they would be able to get jobs from there. So we arranged a date and I went over to their house in Serangoon area to do a quick shoot for them.

I tell you, and I am not exaggerating, their house is absolutely gorgeous. I was awed by their furniture (how detailed everything was), and also by how clean and bright the whole house looked. Everything put together was super duper pretty, yet it didn't look overdone, like a showroom that had a very warm lived-in feeling to it.

The only thing that outshone the house were the people living in it. Sapna is gorgeous and the camera just loves her. Vishay is handsome and has a very bollywood hero look going for him. Vinu herself was very warm and friendly! The poor dear had hurt her back when I came over. I do hope she's feeling a whole lot better now.

Anyway, this is the first time ever using my new swanky 40D and I'm loving it! The quality is far better than my trusty old 400D and it's a whole lot smarter too! I can't wait to shoot more with it!

Doesn't she just look amazing?

And he looks so handsome?

Having a little fun shooting the both of them together!

I love her ethnic india outfit, it's absolutely gorgeous.

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