I'm A Woman In Love and I Love What It's Doing To Me;

Don't know how many of you out there know, but my bosslady, Regina, is about to have her baby within the week! I've been wanting to post her baby shower photos for a long time now, but I do have quite a bit on my hands, so finally, here are the pictures!

Her husband, Dylan, is one of the sweetest husbands around! He went all out of his way to plan for a baby shower for Regina, calling all her friends and making sure Regina never found out. On the day itself it was quite funny! There were a lot of sneaking around Orchid Country Club, trying to prepare the decorations without being seen by Regina, and that was quite a challenge because she's always walking around! Some of her friends even had to dump everything they're doing and go run and hide behind a bush! How cute is that?

So after spending a ton of time in the room setting up and waiting, the proud mommy-to-be arrived, and shocked she was! :D The plan worked well and everyone had a great time laughing and talking.

Hope to see baby Hannah soon! :D

Love Somebody Like You;

Winnie and Patrick's ROM was held at the Civil Service Club down at Bukit Batok, and I really must say that they did up the place very nicely with all the balloons and other decor! I was actually really glad that there was another photographer present at their ROM as well, and since he took a lot of group shots, I could focus on what I do best - candids!

Their ceremony was a short and simple one, but of course, it's always the simple ones that really touch me the most. When Winnie was speaking, and she started to tear, that just gave me such a warm feeling inside and it showed how much the feeling of love and happiness were overwhelming.

After that, we watched a couple of videos of their courtship days, and an MTV done by their videographer with the both of them singing - I thought it was quite cute! I asked if it was really their voices, and they said that it was! If ever I have to do something like that next time... Whoever that's recording better have an amazing auto-tuning software!

I can't wait to shoot their customary, which would be happening this year too.

Onwards with the photos! Cheers!

Welcome to the Family!

Everyone knows how terrible Singapore IT fairs can be. For one to brave the crowds, the noise, the lack of space, the constant flyers being thrusts into your face... It's not pleasant. Needless to say, the last time round I actually stepped foot into an IT show was when I was in secondary school, to buy my first point and shoot camera. That was such a long time ago...

This year, I mustered up a ton of courage and tried to plan so that I didn't go when it would be the most suffocating (Friday, 1pm), just to get a new addition to my growing Macintosh family.

Meet... Squee the Second!

Look at how big the box was! I felt so cheated! The brochure said I'd be able to get a trolley and... They told me that I needed to purchase the 27" iMac in order to get a free trolley. Do you have any idea how difficult it was to lug such a big box from Suntec City Convention Center to Pan Pacific (where I had parked my car due to the lack of parking lots)?! I swear... I almost toppled over 2-3 times, and I had to stop many a time to catch my breath/rest.

But it's all worth it! Because my baby is home with me!

This is the amount of cash I had prepared, just in case the credit card option did not work!

Topping up an extra $199, these are the extra stuff that I got. The thumbdrive was from my UOB credit card. I thought it was worth it to get an AppleCare at a cheaper price. That's the whole point of the IT show, right?

Slowly placing it on my table... I need to clear my table! This requires a lot more space! Or maybe I need a bigger table...

Booting up for the first time! So exciting!

Magic mouse (which is a dream to use) and the wireless keyboard. I asked if I could changed to the wired keyboard with the number pad, but I couldn't. Which sucks... I'd like a bigger keyboard.

The whole Macintosh family!

Yuki completely miffed that I ignored her to set up my new baby. Sorry Yuki!

The one thing I really dislike about acquiring a new computer is transferring all your stuff from the old one. Luckily, Apple computers have Migration Assistant, which hopefully after I get myself a firewire, I'd be able to use. I'm going to try leaving it overnight on my network, but it's sort of dodgy, so... I wouldn't get my hopes up for that.

But in order to tide me over, there's the marvelous screen and home sharing features!

Anyway, I'm nearly done with all my installation of programs, and it'll be as though I've been using it all my life! :D I'm very, very happy, and with this new system, I hopefully can create better quality images now!

It Was Not My Lips You Kissed, But My Soul;

Thank you to a previous bride of mine (I think you know who you are), my name has been circulating around in all the different forums! That's how Fyn and Ryan managed to find me, and asked me to cover their lovely ROM.

They held their ROM at Hotel Rendezvous! I've been there a couple of times and I really wish the hotel would do something about their parking because it is really very scary to turn into the basement! My car's quite old and I don't really mind if it gets scratched a little bit and even then, I had to reverse and turn reverse and turn before I could get into the underground parking.

When I got to the lobby, there was another couple holding an ROM as well, and thinking that the wedding party was the one I was supposed to go to, happily strolled on over to have a look at their guestbook and albums, etc. They had an album comprising of childhood pictures and I thought to myself, "Er, I think this isn't my couple."

After checking the name, I was 100% sure it wasn't my couple, haha!

I have to say that both Fyn and Ryan are really tall; and height is something I'm not exactly blessed with. The ceremony was short and sweet, and the food after was very good! Thank you for letting me cover your ROM, and I really hope that you guys enjoy the photographs!

Copyright @ Singapore Wedding Photographer; Elizabeth Goh