I Can't Give You Anything But Love;

I really enjoy a couple that I can get along with, and Ziyang and Ivonne were so easy to talk to! We spent quite a bit of time joking and laughing, since we were traveling together from place to place to do some portrait shots for them after their solemnization. One of Ivonne's friends was actually my senior in secondary school, what a coincidence!

There was a bit of anxiousness in the beginning, because of the lack of parking at MND, where the temporary registry is located at, and it was making some people late! But all was well in the end. The temporary room is actually a lot nicer than the one at Fort Canning! It's a lot more spacious, the lighting is better, and even the waiting room seemed to have a bit more thought put into it.

I really loved joking and laughing with them, even their siblings, whom had tagged along and was a makeshift videographer for the day, were joining in the chuckles.

We did cover quite a bit of locations in a very short time. They were a very easy couple to pose, and I do think it's due to Ziyang being a photographer himself, understood what I wanted to achieve with my shots.

So I really do hope they enjoyed the little shoot as much as I did, and of course, I hope they love their photos as well! :)

And You Will Hold My Heart Inside Your Hand;

Having a solemnization ceremony at home is always a cosy affair, and that is exactly what Alex and Jazlyn did for theirs! The whole ceremony had a very homely feel to it, and though it everything was very simple, I felt the couple was larger than life! Hopefully the pictures below would explain why!

Alex had this pair of awesomely cool glasses. I believe they were made from a wooden frame. I mentioned this and Jazlyn told me she was the one that had picked it out for him. You have a very good eye, Jazlyn! I think Jazlyn is the kind of person I love being around. Always laughing and having fun. Anyone with them would be certain of a good time, too!

Jazlyn, not used to wearing contacts, started to put on everyone's glasses, including my own! It was hilarious watching her try on different pairs and making strange faces at everyone while she did so.

And to prove what a crazy bunch they are, their friends gave them a little present, fit for only bedroom use. Their actual day came early when everyone bugged Alex to put on his new undies over his pants. Gotta love the colour, though!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day, even though you had more than adequate help in taking photos, and I really hope that you guys like the pictures! :)

Mini - Update

Hi everyone!

I know, I know, I did say I'll blog more and all that, but between going through all my images, meeting new customers and getting albums ready, I really find it hard to blog! Not to worry though, I have a ton of posts written up, waiting to be published. They're mostly just waiting for me to get around to selecting my favorites from the day, so there should be something new coming up very soon!

Anyway, I'd just like to let everyone know that I'll be away from the 11th to 15th Feb for the Chinese New Year celebrations! I swear, I'm going to become so round from all the Chinese New Year goodies that my couples will not be able to recognize me anymore!

I apologize for any delays to my customers in terms of getting their images (even though feedback is we're considerably faster than a lot of studios), albums etc. My schedule's really packed at the moment, and I'm really doing my best to fit in everyone.

恭喜发财,万事如意,心想事成,would be my wishes to all of you this coming Tiger year. May you guys roar with never ending passion for life!

With love,

We Choose Love, We Choose Light;

Shirley and Alex got married on the same day as Monika and Bayu, and guess what, they got the same JP as well! Which was such a coincidence! It was held at the Fullerton, in the suite on the top floor and man, that place has got one gorgeous view. You could see Clarke Quay on one side, the new IR on the other, the flyer, CBD, etc etc. I love how grand the Fullerton is!

I thought the two of them made a very sweet couple! When they collected their disc from me, we actually chatted about things ranging from their upcoming wedding, to things like Avatar, and disney movies! And we chatted for more than an hour, one of the longest conversations I had in quite a while.

Here's a shout out to the both of you! May you guys have an enjoyable customary, and a long lasting marriage!

Copyright @ Singapore Wedding Photographer; Elizabeth Goh