Rolling, Rolling, Rolling On The River;

Proud momma shooting! Isn't she awesome?

Teaser - Kim's Gorgeous Daughter

Selemat Hari Raya! What have I been doing this lovely, lovely day? Why, working, of course! Here's a little teaser on the shoot we had today. ;)

Just Keep The Faith, And Let Love Lead The Way;

Ting Hway and Dan's wedding was the beginning of a very, very long week for me. I had just gotten a bit better from my flu and still tire easily. Subsequent days was spent involved with a very, very tedious freelance project (at least I got to see some of my ex-colleague's again!), and it was only today that I managed to get some rest after this exhausting week.

I love the fact that Ting Hway did her own make up for the morning ceremony. It's not very often that brides do that! She still look gorgeous all the same. There's this thing about brides on their wedding day- they all simply just exude beauty. And I think Ting Hway's inner beauty was like a light that lit up a dark, dingy room.

The boys had a ton of fun trying to get into the house. Ting Hway's nephews, both very skilled in martial arts, were the obstacle that stood between Dan and his wife to be. Having to copy the boy's every move proved to be a hell of a challenge for all of them, but in the end, the young shaolin masters to be were satisfied, and Dan managed to move on, finally claiming his bride.

The ceremony was held at NTU's chinese heritage center. I must must say that I did not know how to get there, and the videographer (AlvinaAdeline) for the day knew, so I drove behind him and whao, did he drive! My old matrix was barely able to keep up with him and I lost him quite a number of times. I hope bosslady Regina didn't feel all queasy from that rollercoaster ride. (On a side note: Alvin and Adeline were a dream to work with. Very professional and friendly!)

Everyone had such a good time, it was really most enjoyable to see the happy faces, all genuine, and all loving. Everyone that came really loved the couple from the bottom of their hearts, and you could really see that, the whole atmosphere was dripping with true, real love and happiness for the couple. Albeit the wedding was a simple affair, it was an amazing one nonetheless.

I've Been Waiting For This Moment, With Tears Of Happiness;

The wedding banquet of Ting Hway and Dan was grand, being held in the luxurious Shangri-La, of course. But it wasn't the least bit flashy. There was no toast, no cake, no dried ice, none of the usual frills of a wedding banquet, and yet, the meaning of the night transcended all of that. The speeches by the couple, the father, as well as the sister were all filled with love and the night didn't need all the normal tradition of a wedding banquet to be just as beautiful, and just as meaningful.

I love the fact that Ting Hway and Dan went table to table and made it a point to pay attention to each and every one of their guests. Knowing Ting Hway and Dan, or at least shooting their wedding, makes me want to be a better person, and I'm sure all their guests feel the same way.

Copyright @ Singapore Wedding Photographer; Elizabeth Goh