Looking Down At Creation;

Kim and her daughters was staying is the most amazing apartment that I have ever been to. Every single time, I drive by the ECP, I will take a look outside the window and up to the penthouse, and tell myself that one day, I want to be up there. I got my wish! I didn't stay up there, but I shot the family who stayed there!

The view was spectacular.

When I told my honey, he was looked at me and said, "You got a shot of the view right? Right?" I just gave him a sheepish grin and said, "Uh, no?" I was since clobbered with small bouts of, "But you were already up there! With a camera!" in between.

Nelle is a sweet kid, and she reminded me a lot of when I was her age! I really hoped the photos do her justice, because she is really quite good, and she does not need too much direction.

Probably my favourite of the day.

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