For Love Came Just In Time

Patrick and Bridget's wedding dinner was held at the Sheraton Towers Hotel, and the hotel is really a lovely place for a wedding, with the high ceiling and the chandeliers. Patrick and Bridget are such a genuine couple, I could really feel the warmth they had in each hug and kiss that they gave all their friends and family, their smiles filled with love and their eyes twinkling with happiness. They had a live band with a few surprise performances, which really entertained everyone, but Patrick stole the night with his speech to Bridget. It was humorous, but you could really tell the deep love he has for her, and watching her watching him, you really could feel her heart filling up with joy.

To Patrick and Bridget, may you have a happy marriage ahead!

And now, here are some favourites from the night.

How Sweet it is to be Loved by You

It was my good fortune to be able to shoot Roland and Hui Shan's ROM in the Singapore Arts Museum. Yes, I did get lost trying to drive my way there, unfortunate enough to pass by the same ERP gantries twice. Cut me some slack, I'm still a new driver, and town isn't exactly the most favourable driving conditions. But I did end up at the museum on time. The chapel is a lovely place and the details were stunning. I'm sure it must have burnt quite a big hole in the couple's wallet!

But Roland is one of the sweetest grooms I've met, having not one, but two surprises for his bride! Going all out and planning everything so that the day would go smoothly without Hui Shan having to worry one bit. I love how the photos came out for this wedding, and I hope you do too!

The Joy of Shooting With My Headphones On.

While having some time to kill and my camera was with me, for once, I decided to try and take some photos, and to challenge myself to make normal everyday things looks interesting/really pretty. I had my headphones on and shooting with the world completely blocked out is kind of nice. These shots and no meaning to them, they are a meaningless set of photographs. I shoot because I love to shoot.

Now She's Back From That Soul Vacation

It's Brittany's test shoot! I was contacted by her mom, Julia, who is also a fantastic talent, to shoot some test shots for her daughters, Brittany and Bronte. This time round we shot Brittany only. Julia was hoping Brittany gets some modeling jobs to help pay her way through college. It was a blast! They were babysitting some kids in this beautiful black and white house along Bukit Timah and we decided to do the shoot there. I do hope Brittany would be able to land jobs with the photographs I took, and I'm really excited to shoot her sister Bronte, too!

Adam, The First Born

Karim and Vanessa were in town for a short little while, and we arranged to have a mini-photo session of their family before heading out to dinner. Adam is the cutest thing ever! He loves hindi songs, and love watching hindi mtvs. And he kept dancing while Karim played songs from his handphone.

They're now expecting their second child, and Vanessa thinks it's going to be a female, based solely on her mother's intuition. These were taken at the condo that they were staying at during their visit. I can't wait to shoot Vanessa when her stomach's bigger!

Copyright @ Singapore Wedding Photographer; Elizabeth Goh