A Quickie

I thought I'd do a quick post this morning just to share with you guys a picture from the wedding I shot yesterday. It was rather dear to me as the bride was my classmate and very good friend back in my diploma days. I was really, really happy for the both of them, and I almost cried at their church ceremony! Leon and Dorothy, may you guys have a long, long marriage, filled with happiness and laughter and little kiddies for your parents to play with!

Newest Addition To My Family!

I've got a couple new members in my family today! Introducing the 50mm 1.4. I've been using Regina's lens for quite some time and I've really grown to like it. I actually like it better than the 50mm 1.2L! Could be just my preference, I guess. But since I find that this lens is a good lens to use for work and for play, it is now added to my Canon family!

But the star (and I've been saving up for a long time for this baby) is the 5DMII. She's (yes it's a girl) an absolute beauty. I've worked with many other photographers who use the MII and have fallen in love with it over time. I have heard that the 5D produces equally good, if not better images in terms of high ISO etc, but the MII has something about it...

The fact that it can take video as well greatly helps.

So yes, I will be bringing forth higher quality images to my customers! :D

It's Enough For This Restless Warrior Just To Be With You;

This will be a slightly more personal post, so for brides and grooms who want to see pretty wedding pictures, please feel free to scroll downwards, or click the wedding category button on the right hand side. Or read on if you want to know a little bit more about the person whom you're considering entrusting your big day to!

I've shot a few long distance couples in my time as a wedding photographer, but you never really understand how it feels unless you go through it yourself. You count the days where you finally get to see each other again, the time when you spend with the other person is so precious, and you're unable to let go of each other at the airport when one of you has to leave. I am thankful that technology has advanced to a point where we could talk to each other fairly often, be it over instant messaging or Skype calls, and I wonder how was it like to have a long distance relationship in the past, where all you had were hand written letters that could possibly get lost in the mail.

This year, on the seventh lunar month (the typical slow month for wedding photographers), I took a break and flew down to Perth to visit my partner. We haven't been a couple for very long, but we've known each other for more than half a decade now, and a good duration of that time we've been really close to best friends. The feeling of being in the same place as him was so surreal, having mostly seen him through a screen. The last time I saw him in person was five years ago.

I guess, people that are meant to be together, always find their way in the end.

I spent a good portion of the trip meeting his friends and family, and another good portion just... hanging out with him. Doing simple things that we can't when we're apart like... falling asleep on his lap, tickling him, hugging him. Even something like watching a television show together seemed so special, because we can't do it normally.

I just sound so starry-eyed and emotional right now, don't I? Just thought I'd raise a glass to all those couples going through the same thing I am. Be strong, be patient, there will come a time where the distance will end, and you can finally be where you belong - in each other's arms.

Black and White;

With love,

Down The Road The Sun Is Shining;

I've been rather sick these couple of days, and it's been a long time since I've been sick to the point of being unable to function. But since I'm stuck at home for a day or two, I might as well make use of that time and post up more pictures! (Yes, I know, workaholic.)

Winston and Zhao Ling got married in July at the Changi Village hotel! I must say, since I stay in the west, it's really far away for me to get there, haha! But it is a very quaint place, with a beautiful view from the rooftop pool and the service staff there are very hospitable!

They met when Winston was posted to China for work, and there's a little bit in me that is always rooting for the long distance couple (you'll find out why in a later post), and finally the day has come where they can both be in the same place! I'm sure having his wife with him in Singapore is making Winston a very happy man indeed.

Here are some of the pictures from their day!

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