Down The Road The Sun Is Shining;

I've been rather sick these couple of days, and it's been a long time since I've been sick to the point of being unable to function. But since I'm stuck at home for a day or two, I might as well make use of that time and post up more pictures! (Yes, I know, workaholic.)

Winston and Zhao Ling got married in July at the Changi Village hotel! I must say, since I stay in the west, it's really far away for me to get there, haha! But it is a very quaint place, with a beautiful view from the rooftop pool and the service staff there are very hospitable!

They met when Winston was posted to China for work, and there's a little bit in me that is always rooting for the long distance couple (you'll find out why in a later post), and finally the day has come where they can both be in the same place! I'm sure having his wife with him in Singapore is making Winston a very happy man indeed.

Here are some of the pictures from their day!

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