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Hi guys! It's a friday night and guess what? I'm not out partying with my friends, but I just came home from a very long and tiring shoot! So...

Decided to do a little post today about photography assisting. It's something that I enjoy doing from time to time, helping other photographers out with their shoots and stuff like that. I think it's fun! I get to see how different people work, and see what works for them and how it can apply to my own shoots as well. I get to play with their equipment and get to go behind the scenes in places that most people normally don't go to, and see what most people normally don't get to see. Oh, and I love that the pressure is off me, but I still get to enjoy being part of a team and working in a set.

When I'm assisting, I usually try to read the photographer's mind, try to get things ready before he even asks for them. His usual tools, or if she wants a change of lens, setting up the next shot while he finishes the last, stuff like that. I usually spend the first couple of times assisting a photographer observing, just to find out what type of photographer he is. Though, sometimes there are just photographers that I can't read, for example, I have no idea whether or not he wants to adjust the props himself, or he'd like me to do it. Or what he is trying to achieve by asking me to do things that don't seem to make sense.

I'd love to assist more photographers! Please drop me a line at if you're interested in hiring me as a freelance photographer's assistant. I have a quite a bit of experience, and know how to handle most lighting systems. :)

What the video to find out a little bit more! Or you know, just laugh at how horribly tired and death-like I look.

On a much sadder note: After five years of assisting countless photographers... I broke my first bulb today. I feel so utterly bad! I'm usually really careful with equipment, so this just made me frustrated at myself for letting that happen. Live and learn, I guess!

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