Bagus Ah! Made In Singapore...


For those who don't know, I've been missing for a little while because my boyfriend is in town! We did a little video on what he thought of the trip in general. He was here for slightly more than a week and I brought him on a mini food tour! We went to eat dim sum at Chinatown, salted egg crab and butter crab at Mellben seafood, Tampopo ramen, just to name a few. We also managed to head down to the CSI Experience at the science centre, and he followed me to work one day as well.

Now he's gone back to Australia (take me with you!) and we're both just looking forward to the next trip - Chinese New Year. It'll be even more of a food tour because then I can show him all the Chinese New Year goodies!

We did a mini photo-shoot type of thing on of the days, where I gave my sister a camera, a 50mm, and told her to be trigger happy. She did complain about the fact that there is no zoom (duh, it's a prime lens!), but I did think they photos came out quite nice and I should be printing some of them out to put on my wall. :D

Just a little update for you guys to explain why I haven't been that active recently. :)

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