Do You Remember We Were Sitting There By The Water?

Anna is quite possibly the sweetest bride I've shot! We had a quick session at the Registry, where her and Jacob exchanged vows and a really delightful kiss and with that, we went off to the botanical gardens for a short shoot, to remember the day by! Getting married at the registry tends to feel really surreal, because of how fast everything goes, and the JPs there tend to always be in such a rush! They happen to get a really friendly, smiley JP, so it was a lot more pleasant than usual for me!

We were really scared that it was going to rain, but the weather held up and it gave us a very nice diffused lighting for the day! Oh, and a side note: they used to go pa tuo (dating) at the Swan Lake when they were younger, so it was quite apt that we were at the gardens that day!

I absolutely LOVE her flowers. The hint of pink on the inside is so beautiful!

Look at the both of them, so sweet!

Her shoes were gorgeous as well! They were custom made, if I'm not wrong.

My favourite picture of the day, the beautiful bride!

Starting a new chapter of their lives together.

The ever dashing Jacob striking a manly pose!

It was a truly happy day for the both of them! :D

I wonder if anyone else notices the heart shape stain on the pavement?

The beautiful bride. Make up and hair by Jacqueline Law.

The swans came out to play on this day!

One more shot of her flowers because I am so in love with them!

They were such troopers for going around the whole of botanical gardens with me! Congratulations to the both of you and I hope that you enjoyed your customary wedding!

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