For Love Came Just In Time

Patrick and Bridget's wedding dinner was held at the Sheraton Towers Hotel, and the hotel is really a lovely place for a wedding, with the high ceiling and the chandeliers. Patrick and Bridget are such a genuine couple, I could really feel the warmth they had in each hug and kiss that they gave all their friends and family, their smiles filled with love and their eyes twinkling with happiness. They had a live band with a few surprise performances, which really entertained everyone, but Patrick stole the night with his speech to Bridget. It was humorous, but you could really tell the deep love he has for her, and watching her watching him, you really could feel her heart filling up with joy.

To Patrick and Bridget, may you have a happy marriage ahead!

And now, here are some favourites from the night.

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Anonymous said...

Heyy girl!
Im fengru, one of your ex sngs mates..
Your photos are so awesome.
the capture of expression, framing, everything's just bursting w emotions.
Just wanna say I LOVELOVELOVE your work =)

glad to see you've found what you love and do it so well =)) ALL THE WAY!

Elizabeth Goh said...

Hello! How have you been?

Thank you so much! Please share with your friends who are getting married about my services okay? If you have any lah. :) :)

I hope you're doing fantastic things too!

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