But As It Is I'll Dream Of Her Tonight, Da Da Da Da...

Wow, how busy have I been since wedding season is starting again! I'll try to do one post a week. I know my last interlude was pretty long. A lot of appointments with customers, and a lot of shooting going on.

Daniel and Joyce are such a fun loving, at the same time, really chill couple. I enjoyed shooting their ROM simply for the fact that they kept smiling the entire time I was around. Future spouses to be! Please take a page out of their book and remember to smile! It really is a happy, happy occasion and everyone should be grinning from ear to ear.

I was actually pleasantly surprised when meeting up with them they would simply ask about me in terms of relationships, etc. My conversations with my couples tend to revolve around their planning and such, which is rightfully so, since it is, afterall, their big, big day! I thought it was really sweet of them to take an interest in my life and end up adding me as a facebook friend!

I honestly hope that all my couples turn out to be my friends, in the end, because, well, the more the merrier, when it comes to friends!

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