Standing in the Light of your Halo, I've got my Angel now;

Mudd and Ma Jia was really one of those fairy tale stories. Mudd was from Kualar Lumpur, and Ma Jia was from BeiJing. And even though they worked in the same company, neither of them thought that they would find a future with each other. But as fates would have it, Mudd had the opportunity to work in BeiJing alongside Ma Jia, and a beautiful relationship began.

It was a very intimate affair, with immediately family members and a couple of friends who drove down (5 hours!) from KL. It was my first time in a mosque as well! Quite the experience. I learnt about all the house rules, which was especially significant being a girl, and it was quite an enjoyable experience. Ma Jia was so moved in the moment of the vows that tears just kept on rolling down her cheeks. It got me all choked up inside as well.

The lunch was really yummy! They even had a seat for me, the videographer and the make up artist as well. They are such a lovely and sweet couple, and I really want to thank them (even though I know they can't really see this in china, as blogspot is banned there) for sharing their day with me. Congratulations to you and may you have a long and happy marriage, Mudd and Ma Jia.

I have so many pictures from this wedding I want to share with you guys it's crazy. It's all about self restraint haha.

This has got to be my all time favourite shot. Like of all time. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

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