I'm A Woman In Love and I Love What It's Doing To Me;

Don't know how many of you out there know, but my bosslady, Regina, is about to have her baby within the week! I've been wanting to post her baby shower photos for a long time now, but I do have quite a bit on my hands, so finally, here are the pictures!

Her husband, Dylan, is one of the sweetest husbands around! He went all out of his way to plan for a baby shower for Regina, calling all her friends and making sure Regina never found out. On the day itself it was quite funny! There were a lot of sneaking around Orchid Country Club, trying to prepare the decorations without being seen by Regina, and that was quite a challenge because she's always walking around! Some of her friends even had to dump everything they're doing and go run and hide behind a bush! How cute is that?

So after spending a ton of time in the room setting up and waiting, the proud mommy-to-be arrived, and shocked she was! :D The plan worked well and everyone had a great time laughing and talking.

Hope to see baby Hannah soon! :D

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