Just Me, You And The Dance Floor!

Off to Bintan for a short getaway. Won't be bringing my darling dslr along, as I fear the wind and waves will attempt to murder it, but I'll be bringing my trusty little compact camera. Will post some pictures when I get back from this little short holiday. Many many thanks to bosslady Regina for helping me out with the scheduling of customers while I'm gone. I'm glad we've worked out a way to see each other's schedule!

Anyway, if you haven't already seen, this is something that should keep you entertained for a while! :) Couples that are to be married, especially take note! This video put a great big smile on my face. If I ever do have a wedding in the future, I'd like something like this. Everyone should have fun on their big day, and the best part is, you surprise all your guest and everyone will remember you wedding. It don't get more memorable than this.

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Anonymous said...

ohh damnn this is good hahahaha i want one too in future .
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