How Much is That Doggie on the Window, Woof Woof?

I believe most of you know that our company donates a small percentage of our profit two local charities, one of which is Action for Singapore Dogs. It's an organization that helps stray dogs as well as rehoming dogs. I honestly think that what they do is something very, very kind and as much as possible, please do support them. And after reading the terrible plight some dogs have to go through because they have been dumped by their owners, or for whatever reason they needed to be rehome, I'm quite glad that I actually adopted my dog. Visit them at Http://

Many of you know that I have a lovely little shih tzu, Yuki! She's such a darling. We've had her for I think close to 7 years now, and she gels really well with everyone in the family. We think she thinks she's not a dog though, haha. She loves humans and likes to fight with other animals.

We got her close to when she was a few months old. Half a year old, maybe. Her previous owner had bought her for her sons, but as they were too young to look after her and their family helper was going home permanently, they had put her up for adoption, and we got in touch through a friend's friend. We saw her and immediately fell in love. She was so funny, in a very stupid/blur kind of way. Since then, she has brought us much laughter and joy, and sometimes tears when we realized she ran out of the house (always not far, but oh so scary).

I guess she's one of the lucky ones, who hadn't had the need to go through the homelessness, the hunger, the loneliness of being a stray.

I urge all friends and couples who visit this blog and happen to see this, please adopt. These dogs waiting to be rehomed might be difficult in the beginning, but that's only because they're frightened. With proper love and care, I believe they can be a wonderful addition to any family. :)

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