For A Smile They Can Share The World;

I apologize for the sudden lack of updates. I have been ill and trying to rest so that I don't miss out on any shoots I have going on. So today, I will have a massive blog updates, starting with this highly photogenic couple!

Jason and Angelia was introduced to me by a mutual friend I met on twitter. I know most people think that social networking is a complete waste of time, but I did meet a lot of very interesting people there! I do think it is very important to stay current and relevant, it helps me keep in touch with some of my customers too!

On a separate note, how cool is Angelia's name? I love it!

Their ROM was held at Sheraton Towers, and though not my first time shooting at the hotel, it was my first time at the fountain terrace. However, due to heavy rains, they had to move the entire thing indoors! How sad is that :( But it was fun nonetheless. I wish every wedding I attend, I could have this much fun. I laughed until my stomach ached!

The highlight of the whole day was when Angelia threw her bouquet. None of her friends wanted to catch it, but instead this this cute little girl decided to go for it instead! The girl's mom didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

I very happy dad giving away the lovely bride. Look at how happy everyone is!

The JP is reciting a poem he penned for the couple, so sweet right?

Throwing the bouquet the first time, no one wanted to catch it! Being the next in line to get married is not that bad!

If she was the next one to get married, the rest of the girls have a pretty long time to wait, right?

Just look at how happy they are! I love the outdoor stuff that I did with them. The mood was just great!

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