What Started Out as Friendship Just Grew Stronger;

Li Yun and Eric had this perfect wedding planned and all decked out nicely on Carlton's fountain terrace, but as Singapore weather would have it, a sudden shower dampened the mood slightly. Of course the show must go on, and it would never rain of Eric and Li Yun's parade. I managed to capture a couple of details outdoor before the rain started! Of course, despite all of that, the wedding was still as perfect as it should be. We even managed to get some outdoor shots after the sky cleared up!

My heart really goes out to all those couples who met in school, they knew each other since young and they go through the various stages of life together, learning, being separated (a lot of times, irritatingly so) by national service, and growing up with each other. Of course, eventually growing old with each other as well. And they are one such couple. They are really sweet and friendly people, and I wish them all the best and I hope they do think of me when the time comes for their actual day as well! :D

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