I Can't Give You Anything But Love;

I really enjoy a couple that I can get along with, and Ziyang and Ivonne were so easy to talk to! We spent quite a bit of time joking and laughing, since we were traveling together from place to place to do some portrait shots for them after their solemnization. One of Ivonne's friends was actually my senior in secondary school, what a coincidence!

There was a bit of anxiousness in the beginning, because of the lack of parking at MND, where the temporary registry is located at, and it was making some people late! But all was well in the end. The temporary room is actually a lot nicer than the one at Fort Canning! It's a lot more spacious, the lighting is better, and even the waiting room seemed to have a bit more thought put into it.

I really loved joking and laughing with them, even their siblings, whom had tagged along and was a makeshift videographer for the day, were joining in the chuckles.

We did cover quite a bit of locations in a very short time. They were a very easy couple to pose, and I do think it's due to Ziyang being a photographer himself, understood what I wanted to achieve with my shots.

So I really do hope they enjoyed the little shoot as much as I did, and of course, I hope they love their photos as well! :)

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